Sweet16 3.0.1 now available

I've released Sweet16 3.0.1. This minor update to Sweet16 fixes a handful of annoying bugs and adds a modest but useful new feature to the debugger. See the release notes for a complete list, but the highlights are:

  • Fixed: Full-screen mode now works correctly on Macs with Retina displays.
  • Fixed: arrow keys no longer "stick" down when using certain software that accesses the keyboard at a low level, such as Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Fixed: bringing Sweet16 to the foreground by clicking on one of its windows now also focuses the clicked window.
  • Fixed: shutdown-time alerts' buttons now respond correctly when Marinetti is installed.
  • Added: The debugger now includes a "Break" button, which immediately puts the emulated system into single-stepping mode. This is especially useful for debugging infinite loops and other "hangs."
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