Wolfenstein 3D for the Apple IIGS 

Current version: 1.1
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 or later

You're a soldier and spy for the Allied Forces during World War II, and you've been sent deep into the heart of Nazi Germany to infiltrate a secret project that the allies believe may be planning to genetically engineer the perfect soldier. Captured, you're locked in a cell in the dungeons of Castle Wolfenstein.

Only with sharp wits, a sharp knife, and a lot of bullets will you escape alive.

Can you survive the nightmares of Castle Wolfenstein?


Wolf 3D in action.

Wolfenstein 3D, the grandaddy of all modern 3D first-person shooter games, is available for the Apple IIgs as a free download, courtesy of id Software, Logicware, Eric Shepherd, and Ninjaforce.

Download as a single ShrinkIt archive

Download as three separate ShrinkIt disk archives (Disk 1 / Disk 2 / Disk 3)

Download as a single Universal Disk Image (.2mg) file

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