Current version: 2.0
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 or later

This extension for the Apple IIgs adds a set of routines software can use to create contextual menus similar to those on modern operating systems. Included are some additional extensions that let you add contextual menu items for things like getting the word count in TextEdit boxes, hiding and showing the menu bar, restarting the computer, and more.

SideClick 2.0 adds support for Finder icon contextual menus; the user can right-click on one or more Finder icons and SideClick components receive that icon list along with the other information already being delivered. An example extension is provided that adds some Finder-specific contextual menu items based on the current Finder selection.

In addition, actual right-clicks work now (when used with a mouse that really provides right-click data), in addition to control-click.

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