Merlin System 6 Macros

Current version: 1.0.1
Requires Merlin 16+

Merlin 16+ is a great assembler for the Apple IIgs, but the suite of macros that are included with it don't include macros for the newest Toolbox calls added to System 6.0 and System 6.0.1.

My Merlin System 6 Macro package provides new macros to make it easy to use these new calls from Merlin 16+ assembly code. Just add a copy of the SYSTEM.6.MACS file to your Macro.Library folder, then use the MacGen utility to add them to your macro file for your project. If you also need the GS/OS macros, check out my Merlin GS/OS Macros.

Once you've done so, you can make calls to new Toolbox methods just like any other call. Both standard and "supermacro" style macros are included:

    PEA    soundNum    ; Push input word
    _SysBeep2          ; Beep!

    ~SysBeep2 soundNum ; Beep!

These work just like the existing macros do.

Updated May 3, 2015: Andrew Roughan pointed out that the GetAuxWindInfo call macro was missing the actual call to the Toolbox. This is fixed now; if you use these macros, you should download the latest version and start using it. I also fixed the in-comment contact information, among other other non-functional changes.

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