WebWorks GS

Current version: 1.2.2
Shareware: $10
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 or later

WebWorks GS is a source-level HTML editor for Apple IIgs computers. It provides a complete text editor, with HTML-specific additions that help you create complex, beautiful web pages with less effort than ever before, right on your Apple IIgs computer.

Unlike a graphical editor like Adobe GoLive, once you've mastered WebWorks GS and the HTML formatting commands, you can create web pages with absolute control, and with total certainty that the result will be exactly what you expect -- graphical editors can produce HTML documents that don't work reliably or have lots of unnecessary stuff slowing down your users' access time and wasting valuable space on your server.

Using WebWorks GS, you can lay out a web page with tables, graphics, and lists by simply selecting a menu option and filling out on-screen forms. WebWorks GS also provides support for importing AppleWorks documents, converting them into beautiful HTML documents, preserving most formatting intact!

There's also a preview mode, which lets you see what your web pages will look like viewed online by the popular Spectrum Internet Suite web browser for the Apple IIgs.

The documentation is included with the software, in HTML format.         

© 1991-2015 Eric Shepherd