Current version: 1.1
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 or later

gsAIM is an AOL Instant Messenger compatible Internet messaging program. With Marinetti 2.0 installed, it lets you have two-way conversations with other AIM users (whether they're on Mac, PC, or Apple IIgs) -- up to 20 conversations at a time! All this in a convenient NDA, so you can talk to your friends online while doing other work on your Apple IIgs.


A sample gsAIM screen, with several ongoing
conversations in seperate Instant Message
windows. Courtesy of Tony Diaz.         

gsAIM lets you maintain a "buddy list" of all your friends, so you can keep track of them easily. While you're online, with gsAIM open, gsAIM watches to see if your buddies are online and lets you know when they log in and out. You can send them instant messages with a click of the mouse. Buddy lists can be saved to disk so you don't have to remember all your friends' AIM screen names (saving buddy lists isn't available in the unregistered version of gsAIM).

Registering gsAIM costs US $10. Once registered, you can save your buddy lists and other preferences. The current version of gsAIM is version 1.1. It's feature-limited until you register the software. Complete details on the registration process can be found in the documentation included with the software.

There are some known bugs in Marinetti that cause some people to have problems using gsAIM. If you experience problems crashing during or shortly after connecting, this is what's happening.

Please note: AOL changes their protocols from time to time; I can't guarantee that this software still works. A long-planned update has been stalled for several years now. Feel free to email me encouragement to try to get it finished, but I can't promise anything!

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