Current version: 1.4
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 or later

KeyNotifier is a Control Panel that adds an icon to your menu bar if your caps lock key is down. In addition, if you have an extended keyboard, you can assign purposes to the lights on that keyboard.
Each of the three lights can be assigned one of these tasks:

  • Nothing
  • Flash when the system beeps
  • Light while caps lock is down
  • Flash when the system crashes
  • Flash when disks are accessed

         The KeyNotifier Control Panel window.        

As you can see in the KeyNotifier window, you can also choose where to draw the menu bar icon, and select one of eight different icons to use. The third one from the left, due to the oddities of the IIgs system, draws in Apple rainbow colors when used in the menu bar.         

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