SysFail Plus

Current version: 2.4
Requires any Apple IIgs system software

SysFail Plus enhances the Apple IIgs System Death Manager to improve the screen you see when the system crashes. Instead of the sliding Apple with a cryptic error message like this:


Eww. Gross.

You get a much more detailed screen that looks like this:


Ahhh. Details I can work with!

The enhanced screen tells you what tool set the error corresponds with, what the name of the error is, as well as its number, attempts to tell you what Toolbox call resulted in the error, the return address that was on the stack at the time the error occurred, and the text of the error message sent to the System Death Manager.

You can even pop into the Monitor to do some debugging.

A simple BASIC program is configured to let you configure the screen colors used by SysFail Plus. I like the bright yellow on red because, boy, does it stand out!

© 1991-2015 Eric Shepherd