Current version: 1.2.1
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0 or later

SmartRestart is a Finder extension that lets you configure the way your Apple IIgs shuts down and restarts from the Finder. It lets you:

  • Add a "Restart" item to the Special menu, above the "Shut Down" option.
  • Add a "Quit the Finder" option to the File menu.
  • Change the "Shut Down" option to automatically shut down your system, instead of presenting the "Shut Down Options" dialog box.
  • Add or change the keyboard equivalent for any of these menu options.
  • Set the default option that's selected in the "Shut Down Options" dialog box.
  • Add an extra keyboard equivalent to provide access to the old "Shut Down Options" dialog box.

 Configuring SmartRestart.

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