Current version: 2.0.1
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0 or later

Tsukue is a system extension and optional GS/OS patch that enhances the process of launching and quitting applications on GS/OS.

System 6.0 adds a feature called "smooth launching," where the desktop doesn't disappear if the application you're launching is tagged as being a desktop application. The problem is that many older applications aren't tagged properly, so you still wind up getting a text screen during launch.

Tsukue looks at applications as they launch and detects if they're desktop applications by looking to see if they activate the desktop environment. If they do, Tsukue tags the application as a desktop program for you, so that the next time you launch it, the application will smooth launch. The application will also quit smoothly back to your launcher program.

The optional GS/OS patch enables smooth quitting from ProDOS 8 applications, as well. Quitting a ProDOS application causes the desktop to reappear almost instantly!

An installer is provided to install the GS/OS patch and the system extension. If you don't want the GS/OS patch applied, simply drag the Tsukue system extension file into the System.Setup folder.

© 1991-2015 Eric Shepherd