Shifty List

Current version: 2.0.3
Shareware: $10
Requires Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 or later

Shifty List is a system enhancement for the Apple IIgs computer that vastly improves your control over your computer's startup sequence. In the simplest possible terms, Shifty List lets you set up a list of system extensions, desk accessories, and so forth that are loaded if you shift-boot your computer. Normally, shift-booting results in no inits or DA's being loaded, but Shifty List changes that.

Let Your GS Get an Early Start

Shifty List lets you select extensions (both TIF and PIF), desk accessories (both NDA and CDA), control panels, BRAM image files (so you can have your control panel settings adjusted automatically), graphic screens, sound resource files, and applications.

There's a boot-time menu you can access to select one of up to 30 scripts you create, to customize your boot on-the-fly. You can even set up scripts that automatically execute if you boot holding down certain keys on the keyboard.

Shifty List users have found dozens of clever ways to take advantage of Shifty List's capabilities in totally unexpected ways. What can you come up with?

Convenient Configuration

Configuring Shifty List is a snap! Just use the handy ScriptBuilder Finder extension to add items to your script, rearrange them to change the order they're loaded, and remove them.


A look at the Shifty List ScriptBuilder Finder extension.

In the sample script shown above, there are several permanent initialization files (including FixDiskMountBug and FixROMBlaster), a sound resource file (The.Suspense...), and a CDA (IINotDisturbCDA). This script is the one I use when I want to use Spectrum with only the bare minimum extensions loaded.         

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