Download Sheppy's software for the Apple IIgs.
A set of ampersand commands for Applesoft BASIC that provide the ability to control the Ensoniq 5503 DOC chip to create sounds on the Apple IIgs.
An init that sets the desktop image to the original Be, Inc. logo.
Cleaner Clean Up is a Finder extension that prevents you from messing up your desktop using the Clean Up command; it makes the Finder ask for permission before processing Clean Up on the desktop.
ChessMaster 2100 Fix is a BASIC program that removes the copy protection from certain versions of ChessMaster 2100.
Desktop Image Init lets you set an image to be used as your desktop picture.
DiskMaker is a utility that lets you take Universal Disk Image (.2mg), DiskCopy 4, DiskCopy 6, raw, and ProDOS order (.po) images and write them to disks. $5 shareware.
EasyMount KeyChanger is a utility that lets you change the keyboard equivalent for the Easy Mount Finder extension that's included with System 6. It defaults to Apple-M, but that can conflict with other utilities.
ErrorStrings Installer is a utility that adds descriptive error messages to the system software, so that instead of seeing an error like "An error occurred (#$xxxx)" you'll see a more detailed explanation of what went wrong.
FixBoot is an init that installs a ProDOS boot block onto your built-in Apple IIgs RAM disk when your system starts up; this lets you copy system software to it and boot from the RAM disk without having to remember to format the RAM disk first.
FixFindFile is an init for System 6.0 (and only 6.0) that works around a serious bug in the Find File NDA that prevents ProDOS 8 programs from working once Find File has been used.
Font Redirectory is a utility that lets you change the folder in which the Font Manager looks for font files. This lets you keep your fonts on a separate disk from your system software -- even on an HFS disk!
Greyscale Init is an init that changes the standard color palettes used by Apple IIgs programs by default to be a greyscale palette. This is especially handy when using custom desktops that are black and white.
gsAIM is an AOL Instant Messenger compatible instant messaging program for the Apple IIgs. The software hasn't been updated in some time and may or may not be compatible with AOL's servers anymore. Let me know if you have any luck with it.
GSBug Patch For Bernie-Happiness is a utility that patches the GSBug debugger to use a different combination of keys to open the debugger. The normal set of keys causes the Macintosh to kill the currently running program.
IdleTime is an init that provides IPC calls that let programmers determine how long the system has been idle (ie, how long it's been since the user moved the mouse, pressed a key, or pressed the mouse button).
ImageMaker lets you create DiskCopy 4, DiskCopy 6, raw, Universal Disk Image, and ProDOS order disk images on your Apple IIgs, from any source disk. $5 shareware.
KeyNotifier is a utility that adds a caps lock indicator to your menu bar; in addition, you can assign purposes to the lights on an extended keyboard, such as disk activity, caps lock state, system beep, system crash, and more.
Lemonade Stand is an updated version of the classic Lemonade game. Run a lemonade stand, competing against other people, and try to make as much money as you can, taking into account the cost of supplies and advertising, as well as the impact of the weather.
List Manager Patch is an init that fixes a bug in the List Manager. Note that there are reports that this patch conflicts with EGO Systems' Balloon NDA, which is now published by Syndicomm.
The Localizer: Italian edition installs an Italian keyboard map into System 6.
The Localizer: French edition installs a French keyboard map into System 6.
The Localizer: German edition installs a German keyboard map into System 6.
The Localizer: French edition installs a French keyboard map into System 6.
LotsaTools tells the system software to preload and keep in memory all the most commonly-used toolsets. While this uses up some memory, it makes launching applications much faster, and can reduce disk swapping on systems with no hard disk.
GS/OS Macros for the Merlin 16+ assembler.
System 6.0 and 6.0.1 macros for the Merlin 16+ assembler.
MenuWiper is an init that causes a fun animation effect when you launch applications -- the menu bar slides down the screen, erasing the screen to black on the way, then reappears at the top. The name of the application you're launching then zooms onto the screen from the right edge.
Network Printer is a simple application that presents the NetPrinter control panel so the user can choose a network printer to print to. This is designed for use in Finder-free lab environments.
news is a command for GNO that displays system news messages.
passwd is a command for GNO that lets you change your GNO login password.
Patch SysBeep2 patches the SysBeep2 Toolbox call on System 6.0.1 to not unblank the screen forcibly. This lets the Twilight II option to decide whether to unblank or not to work correctly again.
ProBOOT is a utility to control the booting process. Hold down the Apple key during boot to choose a disk to boot from, what speed to boot at (including support for ZipGS and TransWarp GS accelerators), and much more. Also includes a utility for configuring the software and a Finder extension to reboot the system under ProBOOT control.
The Protector is an NDA that lets you set a password, then lock your desktop so it can't be accessed without a password. It's not total protection, but it's a start.
Sheppy's Clipboard, for System 6.0.1, is a simple NDA that displays the clipboard window, within any desktop application.
SheppyLib/A2 is a library for ORCA/C that provides some useful functions for file manipulations and for drawing text on the graphics screen.
SideClick is a contextual menu manager for the Apple IIgs. It includes an API for letting programmers support contextual menus, plus four sample inits that provide useful services that appear in the contextual menu, including a handy Word Count feature for any TextEdit control.
Shifty List is the ultimate startup control program. Create lists of inits, desk accessories, sounds, control panels, and much more that will be loaded at boot time, and switch easily between them. Create a set that will be used whenever you shift-boot your system!
SmartRestart is a Finder extension that adds a Restart option to the Finder's Special menu, as well as a Quit option to the File menu. You can also customize the keyboard equivalents for these as well as the Shut Down command.
StampOut is an init that tells the ProDOS FST not to update time-stamps on every parent directory up the hierarchy when you make a change to a file. This can improve disk performance slightly on systems with slow disk drives.
Star Trek: First Contact Launcher is a launcher program that configures your Apple IIgs properly to play the game Star Trek: First Contact. When the game quits, your system is automatically returned to its previous configuration.
SysFail Plus is an init that changes the default system failure screen into something more useful, that displays a descriptive error message, the address at which the crash occurred, and in many cases the specific Toolbox call that crashed. You can also easily enter the system monitor or GSBug to debug the problem.
Tsukue is an init that makes launching applications smoother. Applications that aren't set up automatically to do smooth launches (where the text screen never appears) are automatically adjusted to do so if possible, and launching and returning from ProDOS 8 programs looks nicer as well.
Wolfenstein 3D is the incredibly popular 3D action game, ported to the Apple IIgs by myself and "Burger" Bill Heineman. Play this incredible game on your Apple II for free! This is the single-archive package.
Wolfenstein 3D, the ultimate 3D shooter game for Apple IIgs computers, in Universal Disk Image format. Perfect for your emulator.
Wolfenstein 3D is the incredibly popular 3D action game, ported to the Apple IIgs by myself and "Burger" Bill Heineman. Play this incredible game on your Apple II for free! Part 1 of 3.
Wolfenstein 3D is the incredibly popular 3D action game, ported to the Apple IIgs by myself and "Burger" Bill Heineman. Play this incredible game on your Apple II for free! Part 2 of 3.
Wolfenstein 3D is the incredibly popular 3D action game, ported to the Apple IIgs by myself and "Burger" Bill Heineman. Play this incredible game on your Apple II for free! Part 3 of 3.
Wolfenstein 3D Scenario Converter is a utility that lets you easily convert Wolf 3D scenario files from the Macintosh version of the game to the Apple IIgs version. Includes a template for creating the scenario selection screen graphics.
WebWorks GS is an HTML editor for the Apple IIgs, with forms that let you easily construct complicated HTML. It's not WYSIWYG, but it's still a very handy aide to HTML authors. Includes a preview mode that shows you what the pages you create will look like in the SIS web browser for the Apple IIgs.